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Our Favorite New Cookbooks!

Do you remember the beginning of this pandemic last spring when everyone was baking bread? Who knew that we would be just six weeks away from Thanksgiving and still largely hunkering down at home. 

While over the summer restaurant dining was available outdoors and we were able to entertain a couple of friends outside on the patio, we are now entering into the season where once again we'll be spending time eating at home with whoever we live with. In some cases that may be a few extra young adult children who are studying or working remotely, and in others that Sunday family dinner might now be only for two.

Even our holiday traditions are likely to change; those who have typically hosted family and friends will be cooking for a smaller number, and guests will find themselves having to prepare their own holiday meals.

All this is to say that the way we cook is changing, which offers up a great opportunity to finally move toward that plant based diet,  perfect a few new desserts, teach your kids to cook, or, yes, get some yeast and flour while you still can and bake your own bread!

We've compiled a list of our favorite new cookbooks which is below, and includes new entries from favorites like Ottolenghi, Ina Garten, America's Test Kitchen and the folks from Milk Street. There are books centered on cooking with kids and cooking for one, as well as a couple of books for those who enjoy reading about food and cooking. 

So think about what new adventures you want to have in the kitchen...and about what your friends and family might be interested in. Click through the jacket covers below for more information about each title. Need more inspiration? Come by the store or click through here.

Cookbooks make great gifts, especially this year!