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The Best in New Non-Fiction!

We have put great effort into finding and stocking the best non-fiction titles to recommend to you for holiday giving and will admit we have been quite successful! We love the mix of titles featured below; they include books ranging from our personal growth and mind, body, spirit sections to titles in green living and business, and also include those in humor, science, pop culture, memoir and, of course, biography and history. While we have chosen not to featured the many political titles out recently, we do have them on our shelves.

In addition to the 24 titles pictured below, I wanted to highlight what is expected in the independent booksellers business to be a silver lining of 2020, Barack Obama's first presidential memoir A Promised Land. Many indies across the country have struggled throughout the COVID crisis, and Obama's book is poised to be the best seller of the year, and for some stores, the title that helps keeps their head above water. 

We all know how skilled a writer Obama is, and it is fascinating and important to read about presidencies no matter where one falls on the political spectrum. I love what the publisher marketing had to say about this book..."This beautifully written and powerful book captures Barack Obama's conviction that democracy is not a gift from on high but something founded on empathy and common understanding and built together, day by day." Hopefully this book can help inspire all of us to be better citizens and better fellow Americans, particularly after this difficult election cycle, no matter what the outcome.

And speaking of a challenging year, I don't think there is anyone out there who doesn't need a good laugh these days, and A Wealth of Pigeons by Steve Martin and The New Yorker's Harry Bliss just may be the perfect antidote. Their book of cartoons is both hilarious and gorgeous and makes a perfect gift for yourself or anyone looking for a chuckle.

So take a look at the books below but keep in mind these are just a handful of all the great books we have to offer at ISLAND BOOKS. And, don't forget to shop early this year as reprints may take a while or be none existent!  FYI, some of these titles are not yet published, but we can be sure to order and hold a copy for you if you let us know. Simply click through the book jacket image for more information on each title. Enjoy!

The best in new non-fiction for you or someone on your list!