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About Wish Lists

How long is your reading list? How do you keep track of what you want to read? Would you like an easy way to let friends and family know what books you’d like to receive as gifts? The Island Books Wish List lets you build a list to use as a reference for yourself and you can share that list with friends and family. If a book is purchased via your Wish List it will automatically update by taking the title off the list. Purchased books can be mailed or picked up at the store. 


TO CREATE YOUR WISH LIST On the menu bar at the right select My Account - login to your account if you have one. If not, it's easy to create one here.
After you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to search for the books you need by title, author, or keyword in the search boxes on our home page and on every page of the website. When you click on the title of the book you're interested in and you will see two buttons – Add to Cart or Add to Wish List. Go ahead and add it to your Wish List!

TO SHARE YOUR WISH LIST Our website will generate a dedicated link for your Wish List. Log into your account, go to the My Account tab and Manage Wish List – near the bottom you’ll see the option to “E-mail Your Wish List”. This function lets you e-mail the link with a customized message.

AUTOMATIC UPDATES TO YOUR LIST When people buy books from your Wish List (from our website, of course), it will automatically update as “fulfilled”. If you get one of the Wish List books in a different way, you can simply take it off your list. To do so just sign into your account, go to the My Account tab on the home menu and choose Manage Wish List. You can check “Remove” and update the list.

You’re Done!  Enjoy your reading.

Purchasing Wish List Books is easy!
    1.    Click on the Wish List link provided by the person you are buying for or Enter the Wish List owner's e-mail address into the 'Find Wish Lists' box on the sidebar.
    2.    Once on the Wish List Account you will see a list of books the individual would like to own.
    3.    Select the book or books you want to purchase as a gift.
    4.    The Checkout function will either take you to your own account at Island Books (if you have one) or let you sign in as a guest.
    5.    At Checkout you can choose to ship the book or pick it up at our Wyatt Square store.  If you choose to pick the book up at the store, you also have an option to pay at the store.
    6.    Check out and you’re done! The Wish List will automatically update to reflect that the book has been purchased.

Questions? E-mail